The key to enjoying your first time skiing or riding is being comfortable, warm and dry - here are a few basic tips to guide you in the right direction of having fun this winter!

How should I dress for the weather?

The key to enjoying your first time skiing or riding is being comfortable, warm and dry. 

  • Dress in layers, including a base layer that wicks moisture away from your skin like polypropylene "long johns", a warm layer like fleece or wool, and an outer layer that protects you from moisture (snow, rain, etc.) and is wind resistant. There are many brands and materials available for your outer layer.
  • Don't forget a helmet or a warm hat, since the majority of the body's heat is lost through the head. 
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens are important to protect your hands from the elements.
  • One pair of warm socks will do the trick, make sure not to double up on socks because this may restrict circulation, which could make your feet cold and uncomfortable.
  • A good pair of sunglasses or goggles will make your day much more enjoyable, especially if it is snowing.

If you’ve forgotten something, please head to The Ice House Gift Shop right next to the The Pine Cone Cafe in the King Pine Base Lodge-- we have everything you’ll need to protect you against the elements.


Where do I go when I arrive at King Pine Ski Area?

Stop first at the Guest Service Desk in the main lodge to purchase lift tickets and all types of  lessons. Most Lessons meet in front of the Ski and Snowboard School building across from the main lodge. The Guest Services Desk opens at 8:00 am.


If I have never skied or snowboarded before, which lesson should I choose?
We recommend that you sign up for the First Timer Package which includes your lesson, beginner area lift ticket and rental equipment.  If you have equipment and/or a lift ticket, you can purchase just a First Timer Group or Private Lesson.


Which lesson should I choose for my child if they have never skied or snowboarded before?
Children who are “First Timers” will be grouped when they meet for their lesson. Choose a First Timer Lesson Package (which includes rental equipment and a lift ticket) or just a First Timer Lesson (no rental equipment or lift tickets).  All kids are grouped according to their ability level. Snowboard lessons are offered for ages 8 and older.


Do I need to make reservations for group lessons?
We recommend making reservations for Knee Hi lessons as they tend to sell out. Group lessons for ages 8 and older do not require advanced reservations. 


What’s the difference between a group lesson and a lesson package?
Lesson packages include a lift ticket, a lesson and rental equipment. We also sell group lessons which just include instruction, no lift tickets or equipment rentals.


How many students are in a group lesson?

Adult classes usually have 6-8 students.

Class size for 4-5 year olds is limited to 5.

Class size for 6-12 year olds is approximately 8 students per class.


When should I arrive for my group lesson?
 If you are renting equipment, we recommend that you arrive at least 1-1/2 hours prior to your lesson time. Please assemble 15 minutes prior to class time at the "Ski School Meeting Place" located on the snow across from the base lodge.


Can I request an instructor for my group lesson?
We assign instructors to group lessons by ability level so the only way to request an instructor is to schedule a private lesson in advance.


Do I need to make a reservation for a Private Lesson?
Yes, we require advanced reservations for Private Lessons to ensure that we will have an instructor available for you.  


Are lift tickets and equipment included in the cost of a Private Lesson?
No, you will need to purchase lift tickets and rental equipment separately.


Where do classes meet?
All classes meet in the base area. Please assemble 15 minutes prior to class time at the "Ski School Meeting Place" located on the snow across from the base lodge.


Can I keep my rental equipment for the duration of my stay?
When you rent your equipment, rent it for multiple days, it’s cost effective, and alleviates having to return to the rental shop multiple times during your stay.


Can I be there to watch my child’s lesson?
You can watch your child’s lesson from inside the base lodge.  We don’t recommend parents be outside watching the lesson because it makes it more difficult for your child to focus on their lesson.