Children's Knee-Hi Lessons (Ages 3*-7)

Our Knee-Hi instructors use entertaining tasks and games along with an innovative team teaching method! We offer a state-of-the-art learning facility and gentle incremental terrain progression for quick and fun learning from beginner to more advanced skiers. 

*3 year olds are invited to participate in our daily 10 a.m. lesson only. Space is limited. Advance reservations are required for all 3 year old participants to ensure proper instructor ratios. 


Basic Tips for the Best Knee-Hi Experience:

  • Be sure your child has eaten breakfast, lunch or a snack before their lesson. Skiing is a high-energy activity and a hungry child won’t have as successful a learning experience as a well-fed one.
  • A visit to the restroom right before the lesson is always a good plan. Nothing stops a lesson like having to go!
  • Is your child dressed appropriately for the weather? Including snow pants and winter jacket, hat or helmet, windproof/waterproof gloves, winter ski socks and face mask and goggles for cold, windy or snowy days.
  • Check that your child’s boots are on the correct feet and buckled up.
  • The only thing in your child’s ski boots should be feet and socks. Tucking extra layers inside ski boots (long underwear or pants or gaiters) affect the fit of the boot and can be very uncomfortable once we start sliding around.

Finally, you know your child better than anyone. If there is anything that you think our instructors should know about your child before the lesson begins, please be sure to tell us!


1 1/2 hour Knee-Hi lessons (90 minutes) are offered:

  • Every day at 10 a.m.
  • Friday at 1:30 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday and holiday periods at noon
Lesson Only (Ages 3-7) $35
5 and under (all abilities) Cost of lesson and rentals (if needed), complimentary lift ticket
6+ Beginner Lift Ticket, Lesson and Rental Package $58
6+ All-Lifts, Lesson and Rental Package $70

For anyone ages 6+ who does not require an equipment rental, lesson and lift ticket are both sold separately at the daily rate. A valid lift ticket is required for anyone taking a lesson.

For more information call 603-367-8896

Visit our seasonal programs page for more information on season long lessons.