Kid's Learn to Ski Lessons

Using entertaining tasks and games, our Knee-Hi kids learn by playing! From first time skiers through all-mountain rippers, our unique approach encourages skill development at all levels.

Our groups average a student-instructor ratio of 4:1, and beginner Knee-Hi groups use an innovative team teaching method utilizing our state-of-the-art learning facility and gentle incremental terrain progression for quick and fun learning.


King Pine Day Camp (age 4-7, all levels)

Add ½ day or all day indoor care to your Knee-Hi Lesson!

Available on Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday periods. Half day camp includes a morning or afternoon lesson; all day camp includes a morning and an afternoon lesson, plus lunch.Visit our seasonal programs page for more information.

All-day sessions: 8:30am - 4pm - $105 (free lunch & rentals)1/2-day sessions: 8:30am - Noon, 12:30 - 4pm - $60 (free rentals)

For additional information, please call (603) 367-8896 ext.246


1 1/2 hour Knee-Hi lessons (90 minutes) $29.


Every day at 10AM
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday at 1:30PM
Saturday and holiday periods at Noon & 2PM
Sunday at 2PM

For more information call 603-367-8896 or email Craig Niiler at