• Never ever skier OR
  • Has been skiing before AND
  • Working on speed control on learning center terrain (magic carpet).


  • Already able to wedge turn both ways to a stop on green circle terrain (learning center terrain and/or green circle trails).
  • Working  on speed control on green and easy blue terrain.
  • Working on moving from wedge to parallel skiing.
  • Ready and/or able to ride a chair lift.


  • Already able to make parallel turns on green terrain and blue terrain.
  • Working on blending skills to enhance consistency on a variety of terrain using turn shape, turn size, poles.


  • Already able to ski confidently and in control on all black diamond terrain.
  • Working on advanced skills such as carving, racing, bumps, glades.


Please Note: Students may be split into groups within each of the levels designated above following an interview and on snow assessment of skills by our instructors.


Haven’t been skiing in awhile and not sure which lesson to take?

  • Maybe years have gone by?
  • Perhaps you’ve physically changed?
  • Would you like to explore what our new equipment can do?
  • You can either choose to start from the very beginning in a beginner class and review the fundamentals, or you may choose to join a novice class where we’ll start on a green trail and go from there. 

Wherever you’re most comfortable … that’s how we can do what we do best!