Awarded Kelly Brush Foundation Ski Racing Safety Grant

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Jan 9 2017

Fifteen U.S. ski racing clubs were awarded a total of $54,500 in Ski Racing Safety Grants to purchase safety netting to line training and racing courses. Recipients included the racing program at King Pine Ski Area at Purity Spring Resort in East Madison, New Hampshire.

The netting was only a portion of a total $275,000 that the Kelly Brush Foundation awarded for adaptive sports gear and ski racing safety equipment grants and strategic partnerships, Executive Director Zeke Davisson announced last fall. This year’s annual grants marked a milestone for the foundation both in the number of awards and the amount awarded.

“We received more applications than ever before from adaptive athletes seeking to improve the quality of their lives and from organizations focused on making ski racing safer,” Davisson said. “As the Kelly Brush Foundation grows we are able to do more, and we are also seeing demand grow. This encourages and motivates us to do even more to meet our mission.”

“We are grateful to the Kelly Brush Foundation and this grant helps us to not rely on borrowing netting from others in order to net a full trail and provide a safe race/training venue,” said Andrew Mahoney, Mountain Operations Manager at King Pine Ski Area. “We are always thankful for the cooperation of ski areas and clubs in the Mount Washington Valley, but the benefit of having our own new netting helps our team with training and hosting race events.”

About The Kelly Brush Foundation
The Kelly Brush Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated empowering those with paralysis through ownership of adaptive sports equipment and improving safety in the sport of ski racing. The foundation has raised more than $3 million, helping to purchase nearly 400 pieces of adaptive sports equipment and keep thousands of ski racers safe with hundreds of miles of safety netting, trail widening projects and awareness about ski racing safety. Kelly Brush, together with her family, started the foundation in 2006 after she sustained a severe spinal cord injury while racing in NCAA Div. 1 competition as a member of the Middlebury College Ski Team in Vermont. The Kelly Brush Foundation affirms Kelly’s ongoing commitment to live life on her own terms and better the lives of others living with paralysis. For more information, visit: kellybrushfoundation.or