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Cynthia's Challenge Announces Non-Profit Approval

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Feb 28 2017


Cynthia’s Challenge has recently been approved by the State of New Hampshire and the Internal Revenue Service as an official non-profit 501(c)(3). Cynthia’s Challenge was created in an effort to help ease the financial burden of children and their families encountering the staggering expenses associated with special medical needs. Cynthia’s Challenge is supported by King Pine Ski Area hosting a 24-Hour Ski-A-Thon with the support of local businesses and the community.

This year’s 24-Hour Ski-A-Thon will be held at King Pine in East Madison, New Hampshire March 17-18, 2017. All funds raised with this year’s event will benefit Sanbornville, New Hampshire’s Faith Holt, an 11-year-old girl living with skeletal dysplasia, seizure disorder and Crane-Heise Syndrome. This year’s goal is $65,000 to purchase Faith’s family a wheelchair accessible van. 

Now in its fourth year, Cynthia’s Challenge has raised over $131,000 to benefit children and their families. Starting in 2014, Cynthia Verrill was the first benefactor and resulted in her name being used to name the event. $35,000 raised for Cynthia was used to provide a seizure detecting service dog. The second year, the event raised over $35,000 for Samantha Gillard who was in need of a wheel chair accessible van. The third year raised $61,000 for Kevin Dall to purchase a wheel chair accessible van. 
For those that would like to contribute to this year’s Cynthia’s Challenge, online donations are welcome at For more information, please call Purity Spring Resort at (603) 367-8896 or email


About Cynthia’s Challenge
Cynthia’s Challenge is a registered 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization in the State of New Hampshire. Cynthia’s Challenge was created in an effort to support children and their families encountering the staggering expenses associated with the financial burden of specialty medical needs. The funds raised from the twenty-four hour ‘ski-a-thon’ will be used to provide financial and logistical support to families confronted with profound medical needs of disabled and/or handicapped children.  Each year, Cynthia’s Challenge members will receive and review each Cynthia’s Challenge application and determine the future beneficiary(s) based on the applicant and their families hardships and needs.  Qualified recipients shall be afflicted by a physical, mental, or developmental disability that substantially impairs the performance of one or more daily life activities combined with a financial hardship and inability to afford medical products, treatment or assistance.  Once the beneficiary has been chosen, a fundraising goal is set to provide for specific needs (i.e., service dog, handicap accessible van). 

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