Updates for 2020/21 Season Coming Soon

The King Pine "Back Shop"

We offer a full range of tuning and repair services for your winter fun ski and snowboard equipment. In keeping with the King Pine motto of "It All Starts Here", our tune shop offers a full range of services for your equipment: from removing that summer storage rust on your edges, hot waxing (lubricating) that dried out base, testing your binding for safety to doing a custom tune including a base repair and stone grind for better control and response from your skis or board.
Tuning Services  
Powder Bear's Special - Machine Sharpen, Machine Wax Universal $12
Vintage Tune - Machine Sharpen, Old Waxer Universal, Scrape $20
Basic Tune - Machine Sharpen, Base Fill, Hot Wax, Scrape $25
Full Tune - Base Fill, Base Grind, Machine Sharpen, Hand Wax, Scrape $30
Pioneer Tune - Racer's Choice Hand Wax $20
Racer's Choice - Racer's Choice Hand Sharpen Angle/Bevel And Hand Wax $35
Speed Racer - Patterned Stone Grind, Hand Sharpen Angle/Bevel And Hand Wax $100
Mount and Hot Wax - For New Skis | Hand Wax $35
Remount and Full Tune - For Old Skis | Hand Wax, Machine Sharpen $40
Off-Season Tune - For Storage | Full Tune Plus Old Waxer Universal $35
Refinished Look - Patterned Stone Grind, Hand Wax, Hand Sharpen $50
Season Long Tune - Season Long Powder Bear's Special (10 Tunes) $100
Custom Individual Tuning Services    
Machine Wax Waxed and Buffed with Machine Waxer $7
Machine Sharpen Edges Sharpened on Machine Sharpener $7
Rust Removal Additional Charge Due To Wear Of Sharpening Belts $5
Hand Wax Iron-dripped Universal Wax, Scraped $15
Hand Sharpen Hand Filed Sharpening $15
Base Repair P-tex or Extrusion Starting At $5
Edge Repair Reinserting Edge with Epoxy Starting At $10
Stone Grind Stone Grind Only $20
Additional Services  
Alpine Ski Boot & Binding Release Test (Pass/Fail) $20
Alpine New Ski Bindings Mounted To Skis $25
Alpine Used Ski Bindings Remounted To Skis $30
Boot Repairs/Components Starting At $5 (Each)
Snowboard Binding Repairs/Components Starting At $5 (Each)
Ice Skate Sharpening $10
Ski Pole Baskets Starting At $5 (Each)
For additional information, call our Rental Shop at (603) 367-4044 or email rentals@kingpine.com. You're just a tune away from a great skiing and riding experience!