Terrain Park/Freestyle Terrain

To see what is currently open, check out the snow conditions report.

The Terrain Park will close one hour before the mountain closes each day. Hours may vary depending on snowfall and conditions. The parks must be groomed manually after every snowstorm and will be completed as quickly as conditions allow. The Terrain Park will be closed during periods of inclement weather.

  • Ride On Small Flat Rail And Small Flat Box
  • Culvert
  • Ride On Battleship And Flat Box
  • Air On Flat Down Box
  • Air On Waterfall Flat To Double Barrel Rail
  • Air On Double Barrel Rail
  • Rollers
  • Dance Floor
  • Barrel Bonk
  • Air On Elevator Box

More specifics on elements that our park may include at times include:

  • 16' Flat to Down Box (6' flat to 10' down)
  • 20' long by 7' wide Monster Box
  • 24' long by 12'' wide A-Frame Box
  • 12' long by 2' wide Elevator Box
  • 6' Fun Box, 8' Fun Box
  • 15' Battleship Box
  • 2x 20' Double Barrel Flat Rails
  • 10' Flat Bar, 6' Flat Bar
  • 4' Up 4' Flat 4' Down Battleship Rail
  • A-Frame Rail
  • Culvert, Oil Drum, Barrel Bonk.
  • We also build a variety of small and medium jumps.


Think you are ready for the park? Here is a list of tasks/drills you should be able to accomplish before riding in the park, to ensure safety:

  • Straight run forward and switch comfortably
  • Jump up and down in one place while remaining balanced
  • Perform an "Ollie" and "Nollie" while remaining balanced
  • Make foot to foot movements such as "duck-walk" on a board or gentle skating on skis.
  • Make toe to heel adjustments such as small tip/tail presses on skis or quick edge changes standing in one place or moving slow on a flat slope on a snowboard.
  • Align the body perpendicular to the slope
  • Flex and extend the body through a full range of motion
  • Surface spin while maintaining the center of mass over the middle of the skis or snowboard and not catch an edge
  • Create and maintain a carved track in the snow (single, skinny line)
  • Control speed through turn shape, brushing, scrubbing off speed and edging
  • Control basic rotary movements and maintain alignment without twisting tension or rotary force (upper and lower body separation)
  • Glide with enough speed to roll over small bumps and knolls
  • "Ollie" and "Nollie" while sliding at varying speeds
  • Ride with confidence, accuracy and adaptability

(Reference: PSIA/AASI Park & Pipe "Freestyle" Instructor's Guide, page 54.)

For additional information, or to make your reservation, please call 603-367-8896.

Park S.M.A.R.T


Park S.M.A.R.T. means safety. Parks work when people use their head and respect one another. Park S.M.A.R.T. is a cooperative effort to keep terrain parks alive for everyone who chooses to use them. To help promote park safety, King Pine has implemented Smart Style in its Terrain Park.

S- Start Small: Work your way up. Build your skills.
M- Make a Plan: Every feature. Every time.
A- Always Look: Before you drop.
R- Respect: The features and other users. Call your drop.
T- Take it Easy: Know your limits, land on your feet.


Be sure you Know the Code: Your Responsibility Code provides safety tips while on the slopes. Park S.M.A.R.T. is a terrain park-specific safety program that you should check out before using terrain parks.