Trail's End Tavern

All great days on the slopes of King Pine lead to our Trail's End Tavern for refreshments with friends.


Open daily 12.- 7 p.m. when the ski area is open.

Due to current COVID operating guidelines, the Tavern is having to operate in a different manner and we appreciate your consideration.

  • Everyone entering or standing in the Tavern must wear a face covering correctly no exceptions.
  • The Trail's End Tavern should not be considered a through-way entering or exiting the base lodge. If exiting the building please use the exit at the top of the stairs.
  • No skis/snowboards/poles allowed inside the base lodge or Tavern.
  • Max number of people per table is 6. There is to be absolutely no rearranging/moving of tables and chairs in the Tavern.
  • The bar is a place to sit or order beverages and there will be no idling/congregating standing at the bar itself.
  • We are allowing The Evergreen Room to be a space to consume alcohol beverages purchased from the Trail's End Tavern but we are keeping The Fireplace Room an alcohol-free area.
  • We are also strongly encouraging those patrons under age 21 to refrain from entering the Tavern. For those with children under age 21, we are allowing alcohol beverages to be consumed in the Evergreen Room allowing families to sit together (but no alcohol beverages allowed in The Fireplace Room).
  • We are offering food from the Pine Cone Cafe through an online ordering system to facilitate touch-free transactions. View menu and order online
  • Food not purchased from the Pine Cone Cafe is not allowed to be brought into or consumed in the base lodge or Tavern. Any "brown bagging" will need to take place at your vehicle or an available outdoor seating area.

Thank you for your cooperation!